Natural Fertility and Preconception Health Care

Health and Fertility Matters specialises in Natural Fertility Management and Preconception Health Care. Our fertility naturopath and fertility acupuncturist are highly experienced in these areas and utilise their many years of clinical experience and research to assist you in optimising your chances of achieving a healthy conception, pregnancy and healthy, happy baby. You only need to look at the pin board in reception, covered with pictures of the most recent beautiful arrivals to get a sense of what you can achieve and the success of our preconception program.

Preconception Health Care is based on the premise that a ‘healthy baby is not a given’ and that the attainment of this precious prize requires a conscious effort and preparatory period of time. Your aim is to develop and mature the healthiest sperm and eggs so that at the time of conception you are laying the best foundation and setting in place the most desirable blueprint for your child’s health for the rest of their life. Medical research has now not only conclusively shown the beneficial effects of preconception care for the ongoing health of the baby but also the significant effect it can have for future generations.

By consciously preparing before conception, you can decrease the risk of passing on the predisposition to allergies, genetic, developmental and learning disorders, diabetes and obesity.

We work cooperatively and safely to support IVF and assisted reproduction processes to assist and optimise successful outcomes.

Our treatments have been effective for:

• Endometriosis

• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

• Hormone Imbalances: PMT/PMS, painful periods, menstrual irregularities, low libido, breast tenderness, heavy menstrual bleeding Recurrent Miscarriage IVF Support

• Fibroids and Adenomyosis

• Ovarian Cysts • Menopausal Symptoms

• Thyroid Imbalances • Insulin Resistance

• Pregnancy and Breastfeeding care

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