Almost 1 in 5 (20%) of all Australians suffer with a mental health condition every year.

From episodic stress and anxiety to more chronic depression, anxiety, panic attacks and for many associated sleep problems, there is no doubt that mental health is of growing concern. Over many years of clinical practice, it would be accurate to state that most of our patients from children to our aged clients present with some degree of stress either the cause of, or caused by some physiological or pathological health issue.

As we seek to find solutions to health problems, increasingly we are focusing on underlying mental health problems often disguised as “the elephant in the room”.

Our holistic medical health approach, recognises the association of mental health problems not only with external stressors but also with metabolic disease (e.g. Diabetes, Thyroid, Cardiovascular and Digestive disorders) along with the growing evidence for individual Genetic mutations.

Our thirst and promise to provide the best patient care and the 21st century ever increasing medical, nutritional, herbal and TCM research, has provided us with evidence-based tools to confidently prescribe our herbal and nutritional medicines. Along with appropriate diet and lifestyle advice, we feel well equipped to assist:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Sleep problems

Other tools to assist and manage patient care include:

• Mood Appraisal and Neurotransmitter Questionnaire

• Body Scanning for defining the current state of: Nervous System, Sympathetic andParasympathetic N.S., Adrenals, several Neurotransmitters and other physiological system imbalances

• Acupuncture

• Genetic Screening

• Functional Digestive Testing

• Urinary Biochemical Testing

• Significant Time to talk and care

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