Homeopathy can be used to treat chronic illness, acute conditions and minor accidents requiring first aid.

As a natural medicine made from plants, minerals and some live animal products (e.g. squid ink), homeopathy aims to treat the whole person: mentally, emotionally and physically. It also recognises the uniqueness of patient with the skilled practitioner prescribing remedies that fit an individual’s specific symptom presentation.

Homeopathy is used worldwide alongside natural therapies, with over a 200 year history of clinical experience. It is recognised as a valid form of healthcare by the World Health Organisation and practitioner prescribed medicines are TGA approved.

Some examples of the wide range of symptoms and conditions that homoeopathy can treat include:

Chronic complaints: hormone imbalances, skin conditions, digestive problems, respiratory and emotional imbalances

Acute complaints: colds, coughs, earaches, headaches, travel and ‘morning’ sickness, warts and all.

Natural Fertility Treatment: hormonal imbalances and stress

First Aid: trauma, shock, bruising, bites, stings and hives.

Homeopathy can benefit all ages from first born babies, children to the elderly. They are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.

Best of all, homoeopathic medicines are inexpensive and easy to take.

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