When was the last time you felt 100%, full of life and vitality?

Natural therapies are a safe way of treating and helping to prevent many common health conditions including:

• Digestive problems

• Skin disorders

• Upper and lower respiratory and immune system problems

• Stress, fatigue and sleep concerns

• Hormonal and fertility issues

• Arthritis and inflammatory condition

• Headaches

• Weight issue

• Auto-immune disease

• Infant and children’s health

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine as a primary health-care system, can help you feel vital again by supporting the body’s inherent ability to heal.

To aid the healing and balancing process, your Naturopath will draw on many years of clinical experience and the latest scientific medical, nutritional and herbal research to tailor a customised treatment program for you. This may include:

• Diet and Lifestyle advice

• Nutritional Supplementation

• Herbal Medicine

• Diagnostic Medical and Functional Testing

• Counselling

• Homeopathy

Ask your Naturopath at Health and Fertility Matters how they can assist you to improve your overall health, wellbeing and vitality

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