Vicki Turner (B.A.; N.D.; MATMS)

Naturopath / Fertility Naturopath / Herbalist / Nutritionist / Homoeopath

Director of Health and Fertility Matters

Vicki Turner has a quality about her that every health practitioner should surely have: a glow of good health and vitality. She not only treats her patients – she inspires them.

“My journey into natural therapies began after a long period of ill-health in my mid-twenties. The overload of stress from studying and travelling and having a ‘good time’ took its toll on my body. Orthodox medical treatments were not resolving my health issues, which was so frustrating. Then someone suggested I see a Naturopath. Not only did my health improve dramatically, but I was shown my true career pathway and a new meaning for life. From that very first appointment, there was no turning back.”

Now, after more than 30 years of clinical naturopathic medicine practice, learning, researching and fine tuning her skills, Vicki has established an integrated holistic clinic, where Western Alternative Medicine truly meets and blends with Traditional Chinese Medicine, to provide patients with the best pathway to health and wellbeing.

Vicki treats a very wide range of health issues from digestive to immune system problems to skin and allergies, fatigue and exhaustion, to stress, sleep issues, anxiety and depression. After years of training and clinical practice, acquiring the skills to help so many people, she expanded her work into the specialty of reproductive health.

For women, this includes the treatment of hormonal imbalances, infertility and pre-conception health care. Commonly, Vicki is assisting those girls and women who suffer with Endometriosis, PCOS, PMT, Painful Periods, Irregular menstrual cycles, Miscarriage and Menopause.

For men, Vicki uses herbal and nutritional medicines, and recommends specific diet and lifestyle modifications to improve sperm count, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation and overall health.

An important aspect of Vicki’s naturopathic assessment is the appropriate referral for medical testing to assist with diagnosis and subsequent treatment protocols.

“Responsible complementary medicine, working for the benefit of the patient, respects the knowledge and expertise of many health disciplines, including what we call allopathic medicine.”

For those who require the technical expertise of assisted reproductive services, then a Naturopathic Support Program for IVF may help to optimise the chances of conception. With successful conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding can be supported with appropriate diet and nutritional advice, especially at times when mums are depleted and exhausted.

Vicki also walks her talk:

“I was totally blessed to have my own son at 43 – a happy, healthy baby who is growing up to be a wonderful young man. We gave him the best start we possibly could in life, using all the knowledge my colleagues and I have to support his developing immune, digestive and nervous systems.”

Vicki’s work is continually enriched by the patients who welcome her to become part of their ongoing journey in search of health, wellness, vitality and a sense of physical and emotional balance.

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(Australian Traditional Medicine Society Member No. 1355)